Everything About Malachi Jakes, Sarah Jakes Roberts’s Eldest Son

Sarah Jakes Roberts is an American minister, author, and motivational speaker. Despite the early challenges growing up, she has led a different life in her adulthood, impacting thousands of lives through her ministerial work.

Sarah Jakes is the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, a famed personality known for founding TD Jakes Ministries and Potter’s House Church Dallas.

Sarah Jakes gave birth to her son, Malachi Jakes at thirteen years, and he has grown into a big man as of 2024. During his twentieth birthday, his grandfather would not hide his happiness. He wished the young man a happy birthday and went on to highlight the young man’s virtues which have seen him transform into a responsible young man.

Having been born to a teenager, Malachi spent many of his early years under his grandfather’s care. It is no wonder the young man and old man have had a close bond throughout the years.

Who is Malachi Jakes?

Everything About Malachi Jakes, Sarah Jakes Roberts’s Eldest Son

Malachi Jakes is the eldest child of pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Malachi was born on October 3, 2002, in West Virginia, when his mother was only fourteen years old. While Malachi’s biological father is unknown, he has had a lovely life surrounded by people who adore him very much.

He attended Rock Canyon High School and joined the Colorado School of Acting for an Advanced Film Acting Course in 2017. Besides his career, he is a blogger, with a lifestyle blog. The young man shares his thoughts on his blog, which has continued to get a growing audience.

Malachi’s Siblings

Malachi is a proud brother, sharing half-siblings, and step-siblings from her mother’s marriage. Mackenzie Henson is Malachi’s half sister born on August 14, 2009.  Mackenzie’s father is Robert Henson, a former NFL linebacker. She was born when Sarah was married to the star. The marriage took place in 2008 when she was 19 years old. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2012 and lived separately.

Mackenzie is a talented photographer and is determined to pursue her love for arts. While her parents are living separately, she is fortunate to enjoy her parents’ love.

Ella Roberts is Malachi’s youngest sister. She was born in February 2016, two years after her parents exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding. Ella’s father is a famous businessman, author, investor and humanitarian.

While the two girls are Malachi’s half-siblings from his mother’s side, he has step-siblings, from his stepfather’s early marriage.

Ren Taylor Roberts, Teya Hunter, and Isaih are Malachi’s step-siblings. Ren is a singer, and Teya is a famous blogger who has come into the limelight for her blog, Journey To Me, and her YouTube channel. Like Ren, Isaiah is also an artist.

Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is a prominent figure, best known for her ministerial work. She has almost three million on Instagram, thanks to her ministerial work, which has made her a famous personality.

Despite early life challenges, she has turned around her life, impacting millions of lives through her work. She is a pastor, alongside her husband, serving in The Potter’s House.