All About Harry Friday Baker, Simon Baker’s Youngest Son with Rebecca Rigg

Harry Friday Baker is not an ordinary gentleman. Having been brought up by actors, he has been in the limelight all his life, thanks to his parents. Harry is the youngest son of actors Simon Baker, and ex-wife Rebecca Rigg, and has caught public attention because of being a celebrity kid.

While Harry’s parents and sister have enjoyed the limelight because of their careers, the same cannot be said about the young man. Besides being spotted around his parents, he has preferred to live a quiet life away from the limelight.

Harry Friday Baker’s Parents

All About Harry Friday Baker, Simon Baker’s Youngest Son with Rebecca Rigg

Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg are Friday’s parents. The two divorced in 2020, but they had been loyal partners and best friends for almost three decades. Baker and Rigg met in the 1990s and they soon starred in “E Street”, an Australian soap opera.

Despite the couple having been married for many years, they never did wedding anniversaries. The actor revealed that their relationship was so strong and it never needed wedding anniversaries. The actor appreciated the need for couples to be themselves in marriages, and that is what mattered for them.

In April, 2020, the couple split due to reasons they chose to keep a secret. While talking about the breakup, the actors released a joint statement acknowledging that they will remain close friends, despite the divorce. The couple revealed that their three children were their greatest priority, whom they will focus on. Baker and Rigg ended their marriage after twenty-nine years.

Who is Simon Baker?

Simon Baker is an Australian actor who has been in the screens for many years. Baker was born on July 30, 1969 in Tasmania, Australia and grew up in Ballina. Baker had the dream of being a great actor. Thus, he ventured into the Australian film industry, where he began starring on soap operas.

This was in his early twenties, and the roles began exposing him to a large audience. But, because of Baker’s wish to be an international actor, he chose to relocate to Los Angeles for more roles.

Baker’s career started picking slowly in the late 1990s when he featured in small roles. After numerous small roles, he was fortunate to act in The Guardian, where he acted in 67 episodes. Throughout the next few years, Baker would go on to star in numerous roles, establishing his name as one of the best international actors.

The Mentalist was one of the best roles the actor featured in. He appeared in a total of 151 episodes, enabling him to earn hundreds of thousands per episode. After finding success as an actor, he has received brand endorsements like working with Samsung, boosting his earnings.

What is Harry Friday Baker’s Net Worth

The young man is yet to reveal his net worth. He has led a quiet life making it hard to tell what career he has chosen. However, considering his father’s successful career as an actor, he has accumulated a net worth of over $40 million. Additionally, Friday’s mother is a successful actress who has earned millions from her career.