Django Crosby’s Net Worth, Family, and Personal Life

Django Crosby is a celebrity son who has preferred a life away from the limelight. Django’s father has been a musician for many years, which is why his family has come into the limelight. While Django prefers a quiet life, his father was a legendary musician who formed various bands, and inducted to the Hall of Fame.

When Django’s father died on January 19, 2023, his son and wife were beside him. Django’s mother announced the sudden death, and she continued to add that she was accompanied with her son, during the legendary singer’s last days.

Who is Django’s Father?

Django Crosby’s Net Worth, Family, and Personal Life

David Crosby is an iconic musician, best known for co-founding bands like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Byrds.

David became a famous figure, thanks to his efforts in shaping the music world. As a result of his dedication, he was inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover, he was an active politician, and an actor who featured in various TV shows.

While David Crosby was only married to Jan Dance, he had six children in all his life. Crosby struggled with drug addiction, something that put him on the limelight despite his reputation.

Djangos’ Siblings

While Django is the only son of his parents, he has five half-siblings from his father’s side. James Raymond is the eldest son of David Crosby. The legendary musician had his son when he was only 21 years old, and chose to put him for adoption.

While James never grew up with David, they reunited later in life. James is also a musician like his biological father, and they even collaborated and performed together as CPR band. He also toured with his father with the two bands co-founded by Crosby.

Erika Crosby is the second sibling of Django. Erika was born to the musician and Jackie Guthrie, although her date of birth is unknown. The lady has maintained a close bond with her biological father.

Donovan Crosby is the other sibling of Django. She is the daughter of the musician with Debbie Donovan, whom he dated for a while. Donovan’s details remain secret, making it hard to tell how she is doing.

The last two siblings of Django were sired by his father, although he did not raise them. Mellisa Ethridge and Julie Cypher admitted to David being their sperm donor.

Bailey Jean Cypher was born in 1997 and she has led a quiet life while appreciating David’s role in her life. When David died, Bailey took to her Instagram to pay tribute to him. She shared a picture of him playing guitar, and thanked him for the love.

Beckett Cypher was also sired by David Crosby and born to Julie Cypher and Ethridge. Becket died tragically in 2020. His cause of death was related to drug addiction, which he could not overcome.

What is Django’s Net Worth?

Django has led a quiet life despite his family being in the limelight. It is unknown what the young man is pursuing as a career, making it hard to tell his net worth. However, considering his father’s huge wealth from his career, he must have earned a handsome sum as inheritance.