When you father is a celebrity chef and former restaurateur, you will likely become a public attention as people want to know more about your father and his family. That’s the situation that Poppy Honey Rosie Silver is in. Through her father’s reputation, she has also drawn the public eye and her information is now of value to the public. Hopefully, reading this post will quench your thirst on knowing more about Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver. Let’s begin!

Who is Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver?

Everything About Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

A quick overview of Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver is that, she is the daughter of Jamie Oliver. Poppy Honey Oliver was born on March 12, 2002, and her mother’s name is Jools Oliver. Poppy was born in England and her birth sign is Pisces.

Poppy Oliver is not the only child in the family. Her siblings include, Daisy Oliver, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver, Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver, and River Rocket Blue Dallas Oliver.

Notably, Poppy Honey’s parents met in 1993. They started dating and married in July 2000. Poppy Honey is the firstborn in the family and her sister Daisy Oliver was born within a span of an year after Poppy was born.

Education and Career

Poppy Oliver is famous because of her father, a well-known celebrity chef. However, Poppy Oliver’s information is not widely available. Details such as where Poppy attended school or what career she pursued aren’t available.

It’s like that Poppy Oliver is not fond of the limelight like her father. However, she is always there to support her father. For instance, she has joined her father in some events and celebrations. There are several photos of the family in their father’s social media pages attending different events.

Father-Daughter Relationship

As the eldest in the family, Poppy Oliver has enjoyed love from her father. One notable occasion was when her father flew to Sydney to meet Poppy Oliver and her boyfriend.

Poppy was 21 years during this time and the father-daughter spark was alive. Even her father’s fans commented on the love after her father shared their pictures having some good time in Sydney.

Poppy and her father went on some fun activities, including doing the bridgeclimb. Poppy and her boyfriend were given best wishes in their adventure and Poppy’s parents were happy seeing their daughter take this milestone.

Who is Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver’s Father?

Jamie Trevor Oliver is the father of Poppy Oliver. He is a celebrity chef born on May 27, 1975, in Clavering, Essex, England. Jamie has grown from being a chef to enjoying the celebrity status courtesy of the numerous deals he has landed over the years.

He has been involved in different TV shows and appeared in many restaurants. Moreover, he was even invited to cook lunch for Prime Minister Tony Blair, following his achievement as a chef. Moreover, he has authored a best-seller chef book and released his show, The Naked Chef, that debuted in 1997. His career has earned him wealth through his endorsements. Moreover, he has owned restaurants and maximized on his career to create income streams.