Jennie Garth’s Net Worth, Career, and Source of Income

Jennie Garth is the actress who won hearts as Kelly Taylor in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and later in sitcoms Like “What I like About You”. This article delves into her background, net worth, and more.

Background and Education

Jennie Garth’s Net Worth, Career, and Source of Income

Born Jennifer Eve Garth in Urbana, Illinois in 1972, Jennie always loved performing. Details about her formal education are scarce but she concentrated on acting and dancing. She appeared in local plays and even modeled, eventually moving to Hollywood. Such early zeal and determination helped her become a successful actress.

Net Worth

Behind the iconic characters and teen idol status, Jennie Garth has been able to amass a net worth of $8 million.

Factors That Contribute to Her Net Worth

What are the factors that have made Jennie Garth successful financially?

Television Stardom: The Cornerstone of Wealth

Television is undoubtedly the foundation of Jennie Garth’s wealth. Her role as Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills, 90210” lasted ten seasons, making her a pop culture icon. Roles in major television successes typically carry substantial salaries – and “Beverly Hills, 90210” was no exception. Specifics are confidential but reports claim the cast received big paychecks – especially in later seasons. Beyond initial episode fees, the show’s longevity makes her rich. Syndication deals and residuals from streaming sites Hulu and HBO Max keep the show bringing in revenue for Garth.

This early television success also gave her roles as lead in “What I like About You” and on shows Like “Mystery Women” and “Healing Hearts.” While these later endeavors may not have returned as much pay as “Beverly Hills, 90210,” they added to her overall income stream and kept her name in the industry.

Reality TV: A Potential Revenue Stream

Not necessarily highbrow entertainment, reality television is a lucrative business for established celebrities. Jennie Garth starred on her own reality show in 2012 – Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, “which gives viewers a look at her life on a California ranch.

While details about her specific earnings from the show are scarce, reality shows typically pay stars a big salary – especially for established figures like Garth. Others use production companies to exploit reality television opportunities. No one knows whether Jennie Garth was involved in the production of “A Little Bit Country,” but some actors take this route to maximize earnings from reality shows.

Expanding the Portfolio: Roles in Film and Voice Acting

Television remains her main focus but Jennie Garth has also considered film work. In movies like “The Bacherlorette” and “Mystery Woman,” she has shown acting chops beyond teen dramas and sitcoms.

Lead roles can make money for actors, even straight-to-DVD features, and these projects make up Jennie Garth’s filmography. Also, she has sung characters in animation – potentially adding voice acting work to her resume.


The journey of Jennie Garth can give hope to budding actors. Her tale speaks of perseverance, learning how to craft and taking chances.