Jenny McCarthy is known for different professions. She is a comedian, model, actor, author, voice actor, and TV producer. With her combined professions, Jenny has managed to have a staggering net worth of $25 million, combined with that of her husband. Nonetheless, Jenny McCarthy is a woman worth talking about. She has managed to hold different professions and capitalize on them to earn her much-desired income to fuel her net worth. Let’s dig in and understand more about Jenny McCarthy and her net worth.

Meet Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy’s Net Worth and Career

Jenny McCarthy is an American female born on November 1, 1972, in Evergreen Park, Chicago. Jenny was brought up in a catholic home, and she has three sisters. Her parents were in the working class category, and her childhood wasn’t tough financially.

Talking about education, Jenny McCarthy attended the Mother McCauley Literal Arts High School. The institution was under Catholics, and while at it, she became part of the cheerleader squads for neighboring catholic schools.

At some point, Jenny talked about being bullied at school, something that left her feeling like an outcast. Upon graduation, Jenny enrolled at Southern Illinois University for two years.

Jenny McCarthy’s Personal Life and Controversy

It’s worth mentioning that Jenny is the cousin of actress Melissa McCarthy. Jenny was first married to John Asher. Her husband is an actor, and the two married in 1999. The marriage gave them a son in 2002, but the son was diagnosed with autism. The condition strained their marriage, and the two separated in 2005.

In 2014, Jenny married Donnie Wahlberg. Her husband is an actor and a musician, and they are still together. Jenny has been involved in one controversy. Since 2007, she has been known and referenced for her firm stand on autism. She argues that vaccines can trigger autism. She went further to announce in 2011 that her previously ill son had been cured of his autism through a cholation therapy.

Jenny McCarthy’s Career

Despite her firm roots in Catholicism, Jenny’s career started when she was offered $20,000 to pose nude for Playboy magazine, and she accepted it. Although many people, especially her Catholic friends and family members, felt agitated by what she did, Jenny went ahead and even became Playmate of the Month.

She was earning handsomely, and soon, more opportunities came her way, from being a show host to becoming an actress. She kept her on-and-off contracts with Playboy, and over the next years, she was involved in acting, writing, producing, and directing different films. She has also guest appeared in several shows.

Jenny McCarthy’s Net Worth

Jenny’s first professional salary was $20,000 from Playboy magazine. Her salary then reached over $100,000 after she became the Playmate of the Month. Her professions have earned her reputation and money through salaries.

Although her net worth is not clear, Jenny together with her husband has a combined net worth of $25 million. The couple is in the entertainment industry, and their wealth keeps growing as they take on different projects.