Les Gold’s profession is being a TV producer. However, he has been involved in other projects, such as American Jewelry and appearing in the TruTV reality series. Additionally, he is an author and businessman. These activities have worked in favor of Les Gold, enabling him to earn income and grow his wealth. As of 2024, Les Gold has a net worth of $5 million. This post talks about Les Gold’s career, early life, and net worth to help you understand what makes up his $5 million net worth.

Early and Personal Life of Les Gold

Les Gold’s Net Worth and Career

Leslie Gold is an American male born in Detroit, Michigan, on June 20, 1950. His grandfather was a Jewish pawnbroker and owned the “Sam’s Loans” pawnshop[ in Detroit, Michigan. Les Gold is, therefore, a third-generation pawn salesman, and he had managed to make his first sale by age 7 when spending time at his grandfather’s shop.

Les Gold showed interest in being a businessman at a young age. By the time he was 12 years old, he had started buying and reselling pizzas to his fellow students. He would buy an entire pizza and resell its slices to the students at high school.

Les Gold attended The Hebrew School in Michigan. His determination for being a pwn businessman saw him open his first pawn shop in 1978. He named it American Jewelry and Loan. The pawn shop was located in Oak Park, Michigan. However, in 1993, he relocated it to Greenfield Road in Detroit.

Talking about relationships and marriage, Les Gold hasn’t shared much on his personal life. However, he married Lilli Gold in 1975, and the couple is still together. He has a son, Seth, and a daughter, Ashley.

Les Gold’s Career

As mentioned, Les Gold got into the pawn business by being born into it. Although he started with one pawn shop, he opened another in 2011 in Pontiac. The jewelry shop employs over 45 people, and his business skills show how street-smart Les Gold is.

Les Gold now owns five pawn shops in different locations in Michigan and has over 200 employees. Moreover, he has made his American Jewelry and Loan into a family business, as all his children also work there. He employed them to ensure they understood the business and could take care of the family legacy once it was left in their hands.

Les Gold’s son is the general manager and works in the marketing section, while his daughter is the assistant manager.

Les Gold also has the TruTV reality show based on his pawn shop. Les was initially against the idea but his on pushed it and made it come true.

Les Gold’s Net Worth

Les Gold has managed to pass on his family legacy of being the American jewelry business through pawn shops. His businesses have been successful, and his role as a director and cast for the TruTV reality show have contributed to his wealth.

Les Gold has a net worth of $5 million and is enjoying his old age with his family. He mentors his children on how to run businesses.