Meet Zane Schoeffling, Michael Schoeffling ‘s Son

Zane Schoeffling is a quiet personality who has preferred a life away from the limelight. The young man is the famous Michael Schoeffling’s son, sixteen candles actor, who quit acting despite early success.

Michael came into the limelight when he starred in Sixteen Candles as a teenager but did not stay in the limelight for longer. Despite showing a promising future in the film industry, Michael quit acting in 1991 to focus on a furniture business.

Zane’s Siblings

Meet Zane Schoeffling, Michael Schoeffling ‘s Son

Zane is not the only one in his family, He has a sister, Scarlett who has ventured into the entertainment industry. The young lady began modeling, but since then, she has begun starring in various films.

Zane’s sister acted in “Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story” and later had a guest role in the series Billions. Before her ventures in modeling the rising star modeled for various brands in Los Angeles and New York, including Tommy Bahama.

Scarlett has followed in her father’s footsteps who had a career as a model before he started acting, Despite quitting the entertainment industry in the early 1990s, he has inspired his daughter so much.

While Zane’s sister keeps family matters out of the limelight, in 2023 she posted a throwback photo of her father on GQ cover.

Zane’s Parents

Zane is a celebrity kid who enjoys the limelight thanks to his parents’ early careers. While Zane’s parents have preferred a quiet life, they were once celebrities who were on the screens entertaining people.

Zane’s parents met in New York in the early 1980s when they were modeling. Like Zane’s father, his mother was also a model who doubled as an actress. Zane’s parents both starred in Sixteen Candles, a film which became a huge success collecting $23 million after spending a budget of $6 million.

Zane’s father was 23 years old at this time, and he ended up performing so well. After meeting former actress and model Robinson in the early 1980s, they started dating and exchanged vows in 1987.

After the 1984 series, Michael acted in seven other films. His last film was Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken in 1991. After that, he retired to a small town in Pennsylvania, where he settled on a furniture business. Since giving up acting, he has operated his shop, while caring for his family.

He has remained married to his longtime wife and fellow actor Valerie Robinson, whom he shares two children with.

Zane’s Career

While Zane’s family started their careers in the film industry, it remains unknown what he chose to pursue. He has lived a life away from the limelight making it tough to tell his early life or even career.

On the other hand, his sister Scarlet is an upcoming model and actress who is doing great in the entertainment industry.

What is Michael’s Net Worth

Michael has a net worth of $500,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth. The former actor has been operating a furniture shop since the 1990s, which has been his main source of income after he quit acting.