Miss Elliot is one of the best rappers and is known as the queen of hip-hop. The star, whose real name is Melisa Arnette Elliot, had doubts that people would take her music seriously. Despite her singing talent from an early age, she found the confidence to sing when she formed a band with friends.

Missy has been referred to several times as the queen of hip hop, thanks to her versatility in creating suitable music, which has led her to sell millions of copies of records. So how much has the queen of hip hop made in net worth?

Missy Elliot’s Net Worth

Missy Elliott’s Net Worth, Early Life and Legacy

Missy Elliot is a seasoned singer, songwriter, and rapper who has created not only a name but also a staggering net worth. The celebrity net worth estimates that Missy’s net worth is $50 million, thanks to the many years he has spent in the music industry and the endorsements she has procured over the years.

Moreover, Missy became the first female artist to get inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Besides the great talent she has showcased for many years, she is recognized for her innovative styles, which have seen her sell over 30 million records in the United States.

Missy’s Early Life

Missy’s life has been filled with highs and lows, but it is the lows that have shaped her life. The rapper was born into a family of a former Marine, Ronnie Elliot, and a power company dispatcher, Patricia, as the only child.

Her early life was beautiful, and she grew up in the church as a choir member. She had the dream of singing and performing for crowds, but as the years approached, fear began taking a better part of her. She feared that people would not take her seriously, but this would only be proven wrong a year years later.

Missy enjoyed school life in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where she lived with her mother in a manufactured home community. Once her father retired, they relocated to Virginia, where the family faced the hardest life.

Besides poverty, which struck her family, her father was so abusive to her mother that she felt threatened. The star even recalls one time when her father dislocated her mother’s arm while physically abusing her.

While her father never abused her, he threatened her with a gun, making her life even more miserable. Life during these years was the hardest, and he feared going for a sleepover because she feared for her mother’s life.

When she was fourteen, her mother got the courage to run away and seek shelter elsewhere. Missy and her mother lived in Ferry, Portsmouth, where she attended Manor High School in 1990.

Although the rapper speaks to her father occasionally, she reveals she has never forgiven him for abusing her mother.


Missy has established a solid career in rapping, and she is called the queen of hip-hop. Elliot has set a legacy for many artists, bringing out the unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, which many artists have copied over the years. Missy is recognized for her fun and fantasy, which have shaped urban black music.