Stephen Baldwin is an actor, film director, model, writer, and film producer. He is an American national, and he comes from a family of actors, as his brothers are into acting career. However, despite starting out in the acting career, he ended up opting to focus on film work, and through it, he gained popularity for his work. Stephen Baldwin has made his wealth from his profession, and we will discuss his net worth in this post.

Early and Personal Life of Stephen Baldwin


Stephen was born on May 12, 1966, in Massapequa, New York. His birth name is Stephen Andrew Baldwin, and he is the son of Alexander and Carol. His father was a teacher and a football coach, and Stephen was raised in a Catholic household.

Stephen has three brothers: William, Alec, and Daniel. He also has two sisters, Jane and Elizabeth. While in high school, Stephen joined the wrestling team, and after graduating, he joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Stephen is married to Kennya Deodato, a Brazilian graphic designer. The two married on June 10, 1990, and have two daughters. The firstborn, Alala, was born in 1993, and Hailey Bieber, the secondborn, was born in 1996.

His daughter is married to Justin Bieber, and they married in 2018, making Stephen the father-in-law of the American rapper Justin Bieber.

Stephen Baldwin’s Career

Stephen’s first entry into acting was in 1987when he appeared in an episode of the “American Playhouse.” In 1988, he guest-starred in the “Family Ties” show before appearing in other films such as “The Beast” and “Homeboy.”

He also appeared in 67 episodes of “The Young Riders” TV series in over three seasons. In the 1990s, Stephen went hard on his acting and was involved in over 20 films, including the Oscar-winning “The Usual Suspects” film.

Stephen is also the director and co-producer of the “Livin It” documentary in 2004. In 2013, he produced and directed “The Will to Drill” documentary. Stephen has also appeared in several religious films such as “The Apostle Peter: Redemption” (2016), “I’m in Love with a Church Girl” (2013), etc.

Stephen’s Financial Issues

Despite being involved in several films as an actor, writer, and producer, Stephen had financial issues at some point. Stephen had defaulted $800,000 worth of mortgage payments and his New York home was auctioned in 2009.

Moreover, Stephen also had tens of thousands of tax debts to the state on the property. He then filed for Chapter 1 bankruptcy protection in July 2009 and the court stated that Stephen had million dollar’s worth of debt. He was then ordered to pay $300,000 in tax penalties in 2013.

Stephen Baldwin’s Net Worth

Since his debut film in 1987, Stephen has been involved in numerous projects taking up different roles. His career has earned him wealth, but he has had his share of financial issues that have dragged him to rock bottom.

Nonetheless, Stephen has bounced back, and his net worth is estimated to be $1 million.