Every parent is proud of their child’s success and for G. Robert Evans III, he can’t be any happier for being the father of Chris Evans. His son has achieved admirable career success. He is a famous American actor and he has played in some globally recognized roles such as, playing as Captain America in the Avengers End Game. You will also find him in the Gray Man. G. Robert Evans is enjoying the limelight courtesy of his son and this post sheds more light about him.

Biography of G. Robert Evans III

Who is G. Robert Evans III?

Although he is not popularly known, G. Robert Evans III is the father of American actor Chris Evans. His son’s career is globally recognized and has pushed his family into the limelight.

However, Robert Evans III prefers a private life. Robert is the father of Chris, Carly, Shanna, and Scott Evans. His relationship status is also private but he was once married to Lisa Capuano in 1977 but divorced in 1999.

Education and Career

G. Robert Evans studied at Buckneil University and then moved to Tufts University, where he graduated in 1978. After graduating, Robert opted to follow a career as a dentist and has held the career for years.

Although his career as a dentist has not given him a celebrity status, being the father of Chris Evans is what has made him known to the public. Being a private man makes it difficult to get more details about Robert Evans III. Unlike him, his son Chris Evans is a public figure and there is plenty to talk about him as you will realize in the following section.

Meet Chris Evans – G. Robert Evans III’s Son

Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor born on June 13, 1981. Chris was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and he is the son of G. Robert Evans III and Lisa. His father is a dentist, while his mother is an artistic director.

Regarding his descent, his father is Irish while his mother shares Italian and Irish descents. Chris has been raised in a Catholic home, alongside his two sisters and brother. Growing up, Chris loved musical theater and attended acting camp. His involvement in acting as a young child was vital in nurturing his talent and helping him gain the confidence to appear on set and before a crowd.

Chris began his career in the Opposite Sex TV series in 2000. He then appeared in several teen films and gained popularly for being in the Marvel Comics such as Fantastic Four (2005). His main popularity came after he played the role of Captain America in different Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). He is also in the Avengers Endgame (2019).

His involvement in the franchise as Captain America made him one of the highest-paid actors and helped him gained fame and wealth. Moreover, he has been in other hit films, such as Gray Man (2020), Knives Out (2019), etc.

Chris married Alba Baptista in 2023 and the couple is yet to welcome any child.