Charlene Gail Heffner? Doris Duke’s Adopted Daughter She Excluded  From Her Will

Doris Duke was one of the world’s billionaires, known for her philanthropic work, and numerous foundations to support various causes. Before she died, Doris Duke, the tobacco heiress had adopted Charlene Gail Heffner, who changed her name to Chandi Duke Heffner.

Despite Charlene Gail popularly as Chandi Duke Heffner’s close relationship with the heiress for three years, Doris Duke negated the adoption, terming it as one of the bad mistakes she had made early during the whole process.

Who is Chandi Duke Heffner?

Charlene Gail Heffner? Doris Duke’s Adopted Daughter She Excluded  From Her Will

Chandi Duke Heffner is a prominent personality who came into the limelight for her connection and battles with the late tobacco heiress, Doris Dukes. Doris Dukes was very close with Chandi, who was previously called Charlene Gail Heffner.

The duo had a very close relationship which resulted in the adoption of Geiner. As a result of the adoption which took place in 1988, she changed her name to Chandi Duke Heffner. During the adoption process, Heffner renounced her parents and insisted that the adoption was not intended for any financial gains.

However, three years down the line, Doris Duke changed her will and indicated that her adopted daughter should not use the fact that she adopted her to earn from the trusts her father had created in the early 1920s.

While Duke left all her wealth to trust foundations she had created, Heffner challenged the billionaire’s will, claiming she needed compensation as the heiress had promised her before they had a fallout.

In Doris Duke’s will, she directed the trustees to steadfastly oppose Heffner’s demands, which is what happened after Duke died. Despite prolonged fights with the trustees, Heffner received a settlement of 67 million dollars.

Moreover, Chandi had benefitted from Duke early during the adoption process when she received a 5,000 acres horse ranch which the heiress paid for $1 million. Even after Duke negated the adoption of Heffner, she remained residing in the property.

Who Benefitted From Doris Duke’s Fortune?

While Heffner expected to be made the sole owner of Duke’s fortune, that did not happen. Three years after adopting her, Doris revoked the adoption citing that the young lady wanted to benefit financially from the foundations her father had created.

Doris’s father tycoon James Buchanan Duke, had created a foundation that could pay any children after Doris’s death. As a result of the foundation’s terms, Doris did not want Chandi to benefit from it.

Instead, the heiress left everything to foundations she had created to support various causes. Her butler of many years was left as the main trustee, alongside her longtime neighbor. However, after her death, the will of the heiress was fought until the courts selected different people to overlook the Duke’s foundations.

While Doris was without any children of her own, she included her nephews in her will. Georgia Inman and Walker Inman are the last surviving heirs of the Duke Foundation. The twins were born by Doris’s half-brother from her mother’s side.

While the Duke foundations have sold some of the assets, they continue to channel money for good causes.