Everything About Jay-Z’s Father – Adnis Reeves

Everyone knows Jay-Z. His reputation in the industry as an American rapper and producer precedes him. However, do you know who his father was? Adnis Reeves was the father of Jay-Z. However, he died due to liver failure, aged 53 years. Jay-Z had a strained relationship with his father and by sticking around, you will learn more about Adnis Reeves.

Biography of Adnis Reeves

Everything About Jay-Z’s Father – Adnis Reeves

Adnis Reeves was an American born on October 5, 1949. Adnis is popular for being the father of Jay-Z. Adnis was married to Gloria Carter and the couple has four children: Jay-Z, Eric, Andrea, and Michelle Carter.

Adnis was born in New York City and he was the son of Hattie White and Adnis Reeves Sr. Other information about Adnis Reeves are unknown, such as his early childhood and educational background.  Adnis was a private person and the fact that he didn’t spend much of his time with his family made it even harder to get more information about him.

Adnis Reeves Abandoned His Family

Unfortunately, Jay-Z and his siblings didn’t get the best time with their father. Adnis Reeves abandoned his family when Jay-Z was 11 years old. Doing so pushed Jay-Z’s mother to the corner as she had to take another job and work extra harder to provide for her family.

During this time, Adnis Reeves’ family was living in the projects of Brooklyn and the situation strained the relationship between him and his children. For instance, Jay-Z started getting involved in drug dealings and lacked a father mentor to guide him.

Besides, Adnis left and never had contact with his family again. The family only contacted him when he was months from his death. Jay-Z’s mother learned that Adnis had liver failure and his time was coming to end. He then contacted him and it was in the second attempt that he accepted to make contact with his son, Jay-Z.

According to Jay-Z, he was bitter that his father abandoned him but when he met him again, they talked as adults and Jay-Z told him what was in his heart. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and his siblings only had a few months with his father. During that time, Jay-Z got his father an apartment near the hospital where he he was getting treated.

Adnis Reeves then passed away on June 17, 2003. He died aged 53 years old and a few years later, Jay-Z wrote a song about his father and the relationship he had with him.

Meet Adnis Reeves’ Son – Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z is the famous son of the late Adnis Reeves. He was born in December 4, 1969 and his reputation is for being an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur.

Jay-Z has achieved a lot in his career. He has been named The Greatest Rapper of All Time by Vibe and Billboard in 2023, and his time in the industry has also grown the careers of other artists. Jay-Z talked about the strained relationship he had with his father but after meeting and expressing his thoughts to him, his anger was a bit eased.