Tommy Bynes’ Biography, Career, and Sibling

Tommy Bynes may be a new name to you, but his popularity is because he is the brother of Amanda Bynes. His sister is a former actress turned fashion designer. Tommy’s sister started acting at a young age and grew her career, until she opted to take a new path later in life, dropping acting and becoming a fashion designer.

Nonetheless, her time in the industry is memorable and as fans, it’s understandable why you are curious to learn more about Amanda’s brother. Luckily, this post will talk more about him.

Who is Tommy Bynes?

Tommy Bynes’ Biography, Career, and Sibling

Tommy Bynes is the eldest child in his family, and his parents are Rick and Lynn Bynes. He was born on December 5, 1973. Tommy’s father is of Polish, Lithuanian, and Irish ancestry. However, his mother has her roots from Ashkenazi Jewish family.

Tommy’s father worked as a dentist while his mother was an office manager. As for religion, his father practiced Catholicism while his mother practiced Judaism. Tommy was expected to learn the two religions. However, he ended up becoming a spiritual person instead of choosing one religion.

During his childhood, his family enjoyed comedy. In fact, Tommy’s father was a comedy club performer and he did it out of passion. His father even encouraged Tommy and his siblings to try stage performance and see whether they were passionate about it.

Through this encouragement, Tommy ended up joining dramatic productions at Thousand Oaks High School.

Career and Education

The exact details about the education background of Tommy Bynes is unknown. However, he was once enrolled in a dramatic productions. It’s known that Tommy ended up following his father’s career path.

He took a career in the health sector and was committed to helping people get healed. For instance, Tommy worked as a clinical director in 2009, working in the Fit 4 Life Wellness Center in Texas.

Additionally, Tommy is recognized to be a chiropractor. He offers services such as nutritional counseling, dieting advice, etc. He started working as a chiropractor in the 1990s. During this time, Tommy was living with grandmother.

Still, Tommy is an author. He is the author of a diet and wellness book, His book, ‘The Book’ focuses on giving insights to its readers about fitness and nutrition. The aim is to help readers improve their health through the shared tips.

Tommy loves his job and has even hosted different wellness and weight loss lectures. Tommy’s motivation even pushes him to encourage people to attended his classes. He motivates them through incentives and prizes.

Who is Tommy Bynes’ Younger Sister?

Amanda Bynes is the famous younger sister of Tommy Bynes. She was born on April 3, 1986, and her reputation is because she is a former American actress. Amanda started her career as a young girl and by age 7, she was already taking up acting roles in Nickelodeon and other series, such as All That.

Amanda has struggled with mental health but has managed to work on her career, build her name, and achieve career growth and milestones.