Born in 2017, Phoenix Margera is a celebrity child who has been in the limelight because of his parents. Phoenix’s father is a famous personality who has made a name for himself because of his career as a television personality, stunt performer and former skateboarder.

While Phoenix’s father is known for his careers, he has been the talk of the media because of drug addiction, and legal battle regarding his only son. In celebrating his son’s sixth birthday, the celebrity took a picture surrounded by six children.

Bam went on to condemn the American justice system, pointing how unfair it was for him to see his son under court orders, while he would play freely with friends’ children. The actor went on to add that he loved his son more than anything, and would do anything to have a bond.

Phoenix’s Ealy Life

All About Phoenix Wolf Margera, Bam Margera’s Son

Phoenix is the son of Nicole Boyd and Bam Margera. Phoenix’s parents walked down the aisle in October 5 2013, exchanging vows in front of friends and family. Phoenix’s parents announced about the pregnancy of his birth on June 2017.

In September 2017, Margera and Nicole announced that they had settled on the name Phoenix. He was born in December 2017, and has remained as the only child of Bam.

On September 2021, Nicole filed for child custody, before she had even filed for legal separation. Two years later, Boyd filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences. Allegedly, the couple had been living separately since 2021.

According to the legal documents, Boyd has physical custody of Phoenix while Bam has parental visitation as long as the son is within Los Angeles County. While Phoenix’s parents divorced legally in 2023, his father has moved on with model Dannii Marie. Bam started dating the model on July 2023, and proposed to her on October 2023.

Bam Margera’s Alcoholism Battle

Since in his early twenties, Margera has had struggles with alcohol abuse. While he was spotted drinking in many occasions while filming, he was first taken to hospital in 2009 after his drinking worsened.

Family and friends intervened and Margera went to rehab in 2009 for the first time. Unfortunately, he left the program after only four days, failing to complete it. The television personality’s drinking condition continued worsening. After his close friend died in 2011, he resulted into heavy drinking.

Bam revealed that 2012 was the year he lost control of drinking because of his friend’s death, and to kill boredom. The professional skater was forced to put his career on hold, which pushed him further to heavy drinking.

Margera went back to rehab on 2015, but he left soon afterwards without completing the program. He remained sober for several months after he went for therapy with his mother. Later, he revealed how unhealthy his lifestyle had become. He had to learn skating five years after holding it. Moreover, the new lifestyle made him a bit overweight.

While Phoenix’s father claims that he has mostly remained sober since 2015, he tried going back to rehab a few more times, while leaving without completing the program.