Who Was Larry Gerald Patron?

Larry Gerald Patron was the younger brother of American singer-songwriter, actress, and philanthropist Dolly Rebecca Patron. Having a celebrity sister would have inevitably made Larry a celebrity sibling and given him a post in the limelight. Unfortunately, Larry didn’t get the chance to enjoy the celebrity status.

Larry died four days after his birth. His family still remembers him and it’s through them that we get to commemorate the short life of Larry Gerald Parton. This post has more insights about Larry and his famous celebrity sister, Dolly Rebecca. Let’s dig in!

Biography of Larry Gerald Patron

Who Was Larry Gerald Patron?

Larry Gerald Patron is known for being the late sibling of Dolly Patron. His sister is a famous businesswoman, philanthropist, actress, and singer-songwriter. Moreover, his brother, Randy Patron, is a country music singer-songwriter, businessman and actor. His sister, Stella Patron, is also a country singer and songwriter. Larry is also the late brother of Rachel Dennison, a retired singer and actress.

Among all the siblings of the late Larry Gerald Patron, his sister Dolly Patron is the most famous. She has composed over 5000 songs and her impact in the industry needs no introduction.

Larry Gerald was born on July 2, 1955. He had an American nationality and was the son of Robert Lee Parton and his wife, Avie Lee Owens. Larry is the late brother to 12 siblings and the majority of them are in the show business.

Larry was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he was the 9th child in the family. His mother took up the role of raising the children, while his father worked in the mountains. He was a sharecropper and also owned a tobacco farm. Still, Larry’s father worked in construction jobs to get additional income.

Larry Gerald’s Death

Not everyone gets the chance to enjoy a long life. Larry Gerald Parton barely enjoyed birth as his death came shortly after his birth. Unfortunately, he died four days after his birth. Larry never got the opportunity of knowing his family, enjoying his early life, or attending school.

By the time of his birth and death, his family was poor and even his sister, Dolly, described their situation was “dirty poor.” Larry’s death doesn’t mean that he was forgotten. His mother has on different occasions talked about being blessed with six boys and six girls, a way of showing that even Larry is counted as part of the family.

Larry’s cause of death wasn’t shared, but he was buried at Angel Hill Cemetery, in Sevier County, Tennessee. So far, he is among the three children of the family that have passed away.

Meet Larry Gerald Patron’s Sister

Dolly Patron is the celebrity brother of the late Larry Gerald. She was born in January 19, 1946, in Pittman Center, Tennessee. Dolly is popular for her profession as an American singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and actress.

Over the course of her active years, Dolly has written over 5000 songs for other artists and her own. She is married to Carl Dean since 1966 and has no known children.