James Donald Mcconaughey – Mathew Mcconaughey’s Father

Mathew Mcconaughey is a reputable American actor, whose breakthrough came after he played a supporting role in the comedy “Coming-of-Age.” While many people know Mathew Mcconaughey, only few people have details about his parents. Luckily, this post talks about James Donald Mcconaughey. He is the father of the American actor and reading this post will enlighten you on what available facts we have about him.

Who is James Donald Mcconaughey?

James Donald Mcconaughey – Mathew Mcconaughey’s Father

James Donald Mcconaughey is a celebrity thanks to his son’s reputation and career success as an actor. He is the father of actor Mathew David Mcconaughey. James Donald Mcconaughey is the husband of Mary Kathlene McCabe and the couple has three children: Mathew, Rooster, and Pat Mcconaughey.

James and his wife raised their children in Uvalde, Texas. James had no idea that his son would become a famous actor and push his name into the limelight. They then relocated to Longview.

According to James Donald Mcconaughey, he always encouraged his children to spend more time playing and restricted their screen time to only one hour. His son Mathew was not interested in acting. He was hoping to become a lawyer and it was only after he met director Don Phillips, who was looking for someone to play a role in a movie, and Mathew was up to the task.

Unfortunately, Mathew’s father died when he was only five days into his acting. His death was a result of a heart attack when he was sleeping. He died in 1992.

James Donald Mcconaughey’s Relationship

James was born and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana. However, his wife was from Trenton, New Jersey. The two met while studying at the University of Kentucky. As a student, James was into playing football, while Kay was into acrobatic performance.

James talked about how Kay proposed to him. She handed him an invitation to their wedding and told him she expected a “yes or no” response from him. James and Kay married on July 28, 1968. The couple had an on and off-relationship. They married thrice and divorced twice. Mathew opened up about his parent’s love story and even has a book where he talks about the fights his parents had, but they had their best moments too, until his father died beside his wife on their bed.

Who is James Donald Mcconaughey’s Famous Child?

Mathew Mcconaughey, born in November 4, 1969, in Texas, USA is the famous child of the late James Donald Mcconaughey. Mathew has over the years created his name as an American actor. His career breakthrough came after he took up a supporting performance in the Dazed and Confused comedy in 1993.

Although he started with supporting performances, Mathew had his first leading man role in the A Time to Kill movie, released in 1996. He found other consecutive roles in other films such as Contact (1997), Amistad (1997), etc.

Mathew is a husband and a father. He married Camila Alves in 2012 and the couple has three children. In an interview, Mathew mentioned that he is committed to his career to ensure even though his father is dead, he is proud of the man he is.