Joshua Efird is an upcoming celebrity, best known for his marriage to Pumpkin Shannon, of Mama June Shannon. Pumpkin’s family is famous for appearing in reality television. Josh has also attracted the limelight, for appearing in some of the shows.

While he has gained the limelight because of his marriage to Shannon, he is a mechanic by profession. During his 26th birthday, Josh shared his Cass App details, and thanked his fans in advance for birthday wishes.

Not all Josh’s fans took the signal lightly as they started shunning him for asking fans for money. However, some fans were okay with Josh, and defended him, citing that everyone asked for gifts during their birthdays.

Joshua Efird’s Net Worth

Joshua Efird’s Net Worth: All About Laury Pumpkin Shannon’s Husband

One thing that Joshua’s fans are curious about is his net worth. Considering his 26th birthday approach of requesting for gifts, many people were wondering if he was undergoing financial crisis, considering his expanding family.

While there are no many trusted sources that indicate Joshua’s net worth, some indicate that his net worth is approximately $700,000. Joshua has worked as a mechanic for many years, and other jobs, enabling him to reach the mentioned net worth.

Joshua Efird Bio

Joshua was born on July 19, 1996 in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA. While he has not revealed about his father’s details, his mother is called Bonie Renae Efird. Joshua grew up alongside two siblings, Alex and Madison.

The mechanic graduated from Baldwin high School, and it seems he did not continue with education. He has worked as a mechanic for various companies, enabling him to care for his growing family.

Josh began working at Fun Factory in his hometown, before he found a better offer at Big D’s small engine repair company.


Josh is famous for his large family that has attracted the public attention. He met Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon as a teenager and they began dating. In 2015, they began dating and two years later they welcomed their eldest child, Ella Grace born on December 8, 2017.

The duo chose to make their relationship official, but Josh’s future mother-in-law did not accept the relationship. Mama Shannon claimed that Josh did not have a secure job to care for his family, but that did not prevent the loverbirds from tying the knot.

In April 2018, Josh and Shannon walked down the aisle and they exchanged vows. On June 21, 2021, they welcomed their son Bentley Jameson. On May 2022, the couple welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, through C-section.

While they are happy with their growing family, the duo revealed that Shannon had her tubes tied, as she did not want any more children. Josh and his wife are the custodians of Shannon’s youngest sister.

Josh’s family’s life has never been easier financially. The family was evicted from their rental home in 2022. As a result, the family relocated to a new house worth $71,0000. Since then, the couple have been working tirelessly. Additionally, they opened a side hustle to supplement their income.