Actress Kimberly Williams is a celebrity figure who has been in the limelight since her teen years. Growing up, her mother taught her most things. While her mother, Linda Barbara worked as a fundraiser, her late life was faced with difficulties, which pushed the family to the corner.

Linda’s life took a drastic turn when she started experiencing unusual things. During her daughter’s wedding, she could not read the terms correctly, and repeated the same sentences now and again.

Despite such unusual behavior, no one in the family thought that Linda Barbara Williams was developing a health condition that could change her life drastically.

Linda Barbara Williams’ Health Condition

The Story of Linda Barbara Williams: Kimberly Williams Paisley’s Mother’s Journey

Kimberly and her family members started witnessing unusual signs from their mother, but they did not know what was happening to her. Linda landed a director role at the Michael J. Fox Foundation, where she was responsible for teaching young staff on how to improve their fundraising skills.

She struggled a little in finding the right words and reading, but she thrived in her role. Soon, she approached her daughter about her inability to write cheques and signing her name. Kimberly never thought it was a serious issue and consoled her mother that it might have been as a result of stress or lack of enough sleep.

A few months later, Linda could not remember the vice-president’s name or count down from 100. As a result, she started the journey of finding answers on what was happening to her. Linda was accompanied by her husband, when they realized that she was suffering from progressive aphasia.

Kim and her sisters were informed of the condition during the 2005 Christmas celebration that was held in her Tennessee home. While they were aware of the condition, her mother requested all of them to keep it a secret.

The family would go on to keep the matter unto themselves, until their father would not keep calm. The condition was killing the once energized lady slowly, making Gurney stressed about it. Soon, they had to talk to friends and other relatives, who began supporting Gurney emotionally.

Linda Barbara Williams died in 2016, at the age of 73. The aphasia disorder took her away from her family.

Linda’s Family

Linda was a proud mother who had three children. She welcomed her children, Kimberly, Ashley and Jay while she was married to her only husband, Gurney Williams. Linda and Gurney remained married, until Linda died.

Linda’s two daughters have found success as actresses. Her eldest daughter Kimberley has acted in numerous films, becoming one of the best actresses. Moreover, she is married to singer Brad Paisley, since 2003.

Before Linda’s Aphasia condition, she held a lucrative role in a charity foundation. Linda was a director in Michael J. Fox Foundation, but she soon requested a lower role with smaller salary because of her health battles.

Despite the condition, Linda preformed excellently in equipping young staff with fundraising skills.

She remains a recognized figure thanks to her career and her daughters’ careers as actresses.