Why Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott Quit their Marriage

Lyzel Williams is a celebrity ex-husband who came into the limelight because of his marriage to singer Jill Scott. Scott has been in the screens for a long time, explaining why she has gathered a huge fanbase.

While Jill Scott and her husband divorced quietly, some reports have surfaced about what may have transpired to the divorce. While Jill and Lyzel were married for six years, the singer and actress realized something wrong when her husband stopped eating her food.

The actress opened up many years later about her divorce, and hinted that her cooking may have ended their marriage. While in an interview with the UK’s Guardian newspaper, the singer revealed that Lyzel Williams stopped eating her food.

The actress confirmed Williams was pissed off for some reasons but the best way Williams communicated his frustrations was through ignoring her food for days. Scott went on to advise ladies to pay attention to signs and respect themselves.

Williams and Scott finalized their divorce in 2007, after six years. They had no child together.

Who is Lyzel Williams?

Lyzel Williams is a DJ and graphic artist who came into the limelight for his relationship with singer and songwriter, Jill Scott. The artist married the actress and singer in 2001, but the marriage ended in 2007, due to unknown reasons.

While Jill hinted that Williams refused to eat her food, she has never revealed the main reason why the artist was pissed off.

Apart form the marriage with the celebrity singer, Williams has been living a low-key life, making it hard to tell if he remarried and had children. On the other hand, Jill Scott is a mother to a son, Jett whom she welcomed with her drummer.

Who is Jill Scott?

Why Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott Quit their Marriage

Jill Scott is a celebrity singer, songwriter and actress who came into the limelight in the early 2000. Jill got fame as a singer after she released her debut album, which was named after her. She released more albums in the following years, becoming more famous.

Before she started singing, Scott intended to be a high school teacher. After three years, she dropped out of university and started working as a teacher’s assistant. She was spotted by musician Ahmir Thompson who invited her to his hip-hop band.

Soon, Scott sang in a live show with the band, and began working with other artists like Will Smith. She released her debut album in 2000, the same year she started acting.

Scott has accumulated a net worth of $8 million, thanks to her careers in acting and singing. Moreover, she established a charity foundation aimed at financing needy students’ expenses. Her charity helps students in Delaware, Philadelphia and Camden.

While she is a successful singer and actress, she is a proud mother. She welcomed her son, Jett in 2009, with her drummer John Roberts. Scott and Roberts began dating after her divorce, and she confirmed it when she kissed him during a New York Concert in 2008.

Scott and Roberts broke up a couple of months after their son was born.