Josh Fraser Landon’s Biography, career, and Family

Josh Fraser Landon is recognized because of his surname. He is the son of Michael Landon and it’s thanks to the reputation of his father that we are curious to learn more about him. Notably, Josh Fraser Landon is not a biological son of the family. He was adopted as a toddler, but has since then enjoyed the status of being the first child in the family, and his parents loved him. Let’s dig in and see who Josh Fraser Landon is.

Biography of Josh Fraser Landon

Josh Fraser Landon’s Biography, career, and Family

Josh Fraser Landon was born on February 11, 1960. He is the adopted son of Michael Landon and his first wife Dodie Levy Fraser. Josh’s ethnicity is mixed but his nationality is American. As of 2024, he is turning 64 years.

Josh was adopted shortly after his birth and his father was a celebrated artists during this time. Through his father, Josh grew up in a luxurious lifestyle and his adoptive parents were ready to provide anything the child required.

As for his biological parents, their identities haven’t been shared online and we have no information of who they are and why they opted to give up their child for adoption. Nonetheless, Josh Fraser Landon was lucky to be adopted into the Landon family and it’s through his surname that he is enjoying the limelight.

Josh’s Family and His Relationship with His Parents

Being an adopted child wasn’t any limitation to Josh or his parents. He enjoyed all the love a father and mother could give to their child. His father never considered him an adopted and took care of him like his biological son.

Josh’s father even disliked people referencing Josh as his non-biological kid. Talking about his parents, Michael and his wife Dodie married on March 11, 1956. They held a private wedding where only close family members and friends were invited.

However, their marriage wasn’t perfect. It started fading in the early 1960s and by 1962, Michael had filed for divorce. Michael had an on-going marital status with actress Marjorie Lynn Noe. One year after the divorce, Michael married Marjorie and their marriage lasted until 1982, after which they legally separated.

Michael Landon wasn’t done with seeking love. He then married Cindy Clerico as his third spouse. Notably, Josh’s mother married three times in her lifetime. In fact, Michael was not her first husband. She has been married before and divorced before meeting Michael. From her parent’s marriages, Josh Fraser Landon has eight half-siblings.

Where are Josh Fraser Landon’s Parents

One limited thing in life is time. Even our loved ones can’t stay with us forever. As for Josh Fraser Landon, his parents are no longer alive. His father died aged 54 in Malibu, California, on July 1, 1991. His death resulted from pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed two months before his death.

As for his mother, she died three years later. Her death was on July 5, 1994. She died aged 61 years in Palm Springs, California.