Growing up in a celebrity family makes it definite that you will be in the limelight all the time. Harlyn Quinn Tomlin’s life has not been different. Her parents have been in the sports world for many years, which has made it easy for her to gain public attention.

While Quinn’s family is known for its football skills, the young lady has curved a different career for herself. Her two brothers and father are successful footballers, but she is gaining success as a gymnast.

The talented lady revealed that she started learning the skill as soon as she knew how to walk. Her mother was a great gymnast in college, and it motivated her to teach her little angel the skill.

Harlyn Quinn Tomlin’s Early Life

Meet Gymnast Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, Mike Tomlin’s Daughter

Harlyn Quinn was born in 2006 to Kiya and Mike Tomlin. Quinn has two brothers Dean born in 2000 and Mason Tomlin born in 2002. Coming from a family that was into sports, Harlyn and her brothers began practicing soccer at a young age.

While she also trained in soccer, she dived deeper as a gymnast, where she chose to focus. Because of her love for gymnastics, Quinn began training professionally at the age of nine.

In 2022, Harlyn revealed that she accepted a scholarship to one of the top college gymnastic programs in the country. The University of Georgia’s gymnastics team reached out to the teenager, who was glad to accept the offer immediately.

Quinn has been training with gymnast coach Lindsey Stancil, who is known for working with top talents. The coach revealed that Mike Tomlin’s daughter is considered a level 10 gymnast, one of the highest levels a person can achieve.

Since 2019, Quinn has been competing at the level, making a name for herself. The four-star recruit is among the top 25 juniors in the country. Stancil revealed that she has performed well in the past, but the best is yet to come out.

While talking about gymnastics, Quinn revealed that she thinks her father does not know a lot about the sport. However, the proud father took to his Instagram in 2022 to announce the good news that his daughter will be on the University of Georgia’s team in 2024.

Who are Haryn’s Parents

Mike Tomlin a successful Steelers Coach and Kiya are the parents of Harlyn. Kiya’s parents have been married for the longest and nothing has stopped their bond from growing stronger. They met at Williams & Mary College where they were both playing in sports.

While Kiya was a college gymnast, Mike was a famed footballer who played competitively. They began dating in college and tied the knot after graduating. Ever since they married, they have had a close bond, often showing up in red carpets and sports activities.

Quinn’s father is among the best NFL coaches, having achieved numerous records as a young coach. On the other hand, her mother is a successful fashion designer and small business owner.

When Quinn is not training, she helps her mother in sewing, especially when she has numerous orders.