Meet Reinaldo Thorne – Bella Thorne’s Father

Reinaldo Thorne is known for being the late father of Bella Thorne. His daughter, Bella, is an actress and singer. She is popular for appearing in the “Shake It Up” and her early exposure in Disney. Bella Throne shares her memories of her father during his death anniversary and, at one point, she talked about how broken she still was. It’s through Bella Thorne that people learned about her father and we will share any known facts about him in this post. Read on!

Biography of Reinaldo Thorne

Meet Reinaldo Thorne – Bella Thorne’s Father

As already stated, Reinaldo Thorne is known for being the father of actress and singer Bella Thorne. Reinaldo was born on February 28, 1963. He was an American and his birth sign was Pisces.

Reinaldo was Cuban and and he raised his family in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Reinaldo was the husband of Tamara Thome and the couple had four children: Bella Thorne, Remy, Dani, and Kaili. Reinaldo was committed to providing for his family and the foundation he laid has helped his children become reputable and successful in life.

For instance, Reinaldo’s daughter, Bella Thorne, has solidified her ground as an actress and singer. Her career is bright and she continues to push the limit to achieve more career milestones.

Reinaldo Thorne’s Death

Unfortunately, Reinaldo didn’t live enough to enjoy maximum time with his family. He died on April, 2007, following a tragic accident in a motorcycle. His death was a blow to the family as it pushed them into financial strain.

Reinaldo died aged 44 and his children were still young. His widow inevitably became the breadwinner and had to work extra to ensure she cared and provided for the family. Reinaldo’s memory is not forgotten. His children celebrate his anniversary yearly with sweet messages and pictures. His daughter Bella has even written a poem about the loss of his father and the impact it had on her.

Biography of Reinaldo Thorne’s Daughter – Bella Thorne

Bella’s birth name is Annabella Avery Thorne. She is the famous daughter of the late Reinaldo Thorne. Bella was born on October 8, 1997, in Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA. She is the daughter of Reinaldo Thorne and Tamara Thome.

Bella has three siblings and they are also in the entertainment industry as actors. Bella has talked about how life was difficult during her childhood, especially after her father’s death. He died when she was 9 years old and left the family in a poor state.

It was the poor state that pushed Bella to start acting as a young child in effort to support her family.

Bella Thorne’s Career

Bella Thorne is an American singer, writer, and actress. Bella’s recognition came after she got the role of Margaux Darling in the Dirty Sexy Money from 2007 to 2008. Her prominence was after she took the Disney role of CeCe Jones in the Shake It Up series between 2010 to 2013.

Aside from acting, Bella Thorne is also into music. She released her debut single “Watch Me,” in 2011.