Meet Tyler Whitney Hughley, DL Hughley’s Youngest Daughter

Tyler Whitney Hughley is a young woman who has continued to make a name for herself in the entertainment sector. While her parents have been in the entertainment industry as actors, she has chosen a different path.

Tyler has ventured into the music industry, becoming a DJ. Tyler is a unique child of the DL Hughley. She has not shied away from believing in same-sex marriages, explaining how she married her better half, Alex Philipps. Her parents have been supportive of her, and it is clear they share a tight bond.

Tyler Whitney Hughley’s Wedding

Meet Tyler Whitney Hughley, DL Hughley’s Youngest Daughter

Tyler’s wedding would not go unnoticed considering she is a DJ and a celebrity daughter. The wedding took place at Tulum in Mexico, after five years of courting. Tyler met Alex virtually, and it took them a few months to have the first date.

Alex had the impression that Tyler did not love her on the first date, but that was not the case. The DJ had a fever, but still, she did not want to miss the date because of it. As a result, she left hurriedly without saying goodbye.

After a few dates and a trip to Seattle, the duo proposed to each other in May and June of 2021. The wedding took place on October 21, 2022, attended by close family and friends.

Who is Tyler’s Father?

American actor and comedian DL Hughley is the father of Tyler. The actor came into the limelight after his excellent performance in The Original Kings of Comedy and has grown into an established television personality.

Tyler’s father has been an actor and comedian for over three decades, enabling him to establish a handsome net worth. Hughley was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, in a family of five children.

He had a tough teenage life after he joined a gang group. His brother was expelled from high school, which prompted him to change his lifestyle from the gang group. After graduating he changed his lifestyle and began working for The Los Angeles Times.

Tyler’s father has held numerous roles and even hosted a radio show. Although he canceled the show in 2009, he began hosting the D.L. Hughley Show on TV One. Over the many years, of his career in the entertainment sector, he has accrued a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Tyler’s Mother?

LaDonna Hughley is the beautiful mother of Tyler. Tyler’s parents walked down the aisle in 1986 and despite a few storms, they have maintained their bond intact.

While Tyler’s mother is known as a celebrity wife, she is an actress and film producer. She is known for Black Love in 2017 and Colored My Mind in 2013, which have placed her in a special place as a skilled producer.

Tyler’s parents are among the few celebrities who have remained in marriage for over three decades. In the course of their marriage, they welcomed three children. While Tyler is the youngest, her eldest sister Ryan Nicole is a food journalist. Her brother Kyle Aaris was born in 1988 and is working as a Krav Maga Instructor.