Surekha Konidala Biography – Chiranjeevi’s Wife

Surekha Konidala is the celebrity wife of superstar Chiranjeevi. Her husband’s reputation as a film actor and the fame that surrounds his career, has inevitably pushed Surekha into the limelight. The beautiful couple has been together for years and, to their fans, their story and couple goals, motivate them, drawing more curiosity to learn more about Surekha Konidala. This post discusses Surekha Konidala. We will talk about her biography while also discussing her husband.

Who is Surekha Konidala?

Surekha Konidala Biography – Chiranjeevi’s Wife

Chiranjeevi is an amazing and lovable film actor. His projects have garnered huge fans and have quickly made him a star. Chiranjeevi has a unique acting character and, while most of his details are widely known, our focus today is on his wife.

Surekha Konidala is famous for being the long-time wife of Chiranjeevi. Although she hasn’t opened up on her exact birth year, she celebrates her birthday on 18th February. Surekha Konidala belongs to Hyderabad, Telengana.

Surekha is the daughter of Kanaka Ratnam (mother) and Allu Ramalingaiah (father). Her siblings are Vasantha Lakshmi, Allu Aravind, and Nava Bharathi. Surekha’s children are Ram Charan, Sreeja Konidela, and Sushmita Konidela.

Education, Career, and Relationship

Surekha’s early childhood is unknown. She rarely appears in the limelight and fans only come across her beautiful pictures with her family. However, her information such as her education background or what career she has remain private.

Her husband has also not shared details about his wife. The couple met and married in 1980 and have remained together since then. They have raised their children together and are proud grandparents to Samara, Nivrati, and Naviskha.

Surekha’s beautiful family is an inspiration to their fans. She has managed to keep her family together, raise their children appropriately, and safeguard her marriage all these years.

Meet Surekha’s Husband

Surekha Konidala is the wife of Konidala Chiranjeevi. Her husband is a superstar born in August 22, 1955. He is widely recognized for being an Indian actor, former politician, and a film producer. Chiranjeevi works with Telugu cinema and his time in the industry has been a game-changer. Moreover, his son Ram Charan, has followed in his footsteps and created his name as a film star.

Chiranjeevi was born in a Telugu family. His parents are Anjana Devi and Konidala Venkata Rao. His father was a constable and Chiranjeevi spent most of his early childhood with his grandparents.

Chiranjeevi graduated from Sri Y N College with a degree in commerce. He then moved to Chenna and pursued a career in acting after joining the Madras Film Institute.

Acting Career of Surekha’s Husband

Chiranjeevi’s family worshiped Anjaneye and its from this belief that his mother requested him to take up the screen name “Chiranjeevi,” that, according to their belief, stands for “immortal.” Chiranjeevi started his acting career wit different movies but the first to be released was Pranam Khareedu and he slowly gained recognition from Telugu audience.

Over the years, Chiranjeevi has grown to be a big name in the industry and his reputation as a film star still remains.