Terrence Duckett’s Net Worth, Family and Career: Meet Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband

Terrence Duckett is a guy who has preferred a life away from the screens. However, considering he was married to Jasmine Guy, he has found his way into the limelight, despite not having a career that puts him in the spotlight.

Duckett became a public figure in 1998 when he said “Yes I Do” to Jasmine Guy, an American actress. Despite the actress’s marriage getting a blessing of a daughter, the duo ended it in 2008, after a decade.

While Jasmine Guy has found success as an actress, director and dancer, Duckett has been a healthcare worker. After his divorce with the actress, he went out of the limelight making it hard to tell if he remarried or had more children.

Terrence Duckett’s Net Worth

Terrence Duckett’s Net Worth, Family and Career: Meet Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband

Duckett’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million according to various online sources. He has worked as a healthcare consultant and director for Soda and Lime, making it easier for him to accumulate the net worth.

Currently, Duckett is a consultant in a Los Angeles Area healthcare provider. While his net worth is one and half million dollars, his ex-wife has continued to accumulate more through her acting career.

Early Life

Terrence Ducket was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962. He grew up in the area, although details regarding his family and siblings have remained unknown. He was a diligent student who graduated from high school and joined the University of Lowa.

Duckett’s Family

Duckett’s family has been in the limelight, thanks to their careers. Duckett was married to actress and singer Jasmine Guy, whom he met through a mutual friend. The duo fell in love shortly after their meeting and they started dating.

One year after dating, Jasmine and Duckett exchanged vows in a private ceremony. The beautiful marriage began on a high note and barely a year later, the Duckett family were welcoming the newest family member, Imani Guy, who was born on March 28, 1999.

Because of Duckett’s divorce from Guy, his ex-wife was given legal and physical custody of their daughter. As a result, the actress relocated with Imani to a different area, while Duckett was ordered to pay a monthly child support of $1469.

Parenting between Duckett and Guy has never caught public attention. Probably, the duo has been parenting their daughter without scandals or refusal to pay child support.

It seems Duckett did not get any more children after Imani. Details about his current marital tatus remains out of the public.

His daughter has followed in her mother’s footsteps, becoming an actress. She acted in Unsung Hollywood, where she portrayed the younger version of her mother. In 2020, she landed another big role in the film Open.

The upcoming celebrity is learning so well, and it is evident that she will lead a successful career like her mother.

Why Did Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy Divorce?

Duckett’s marriage lasted for ten years, before the couple called it quits. According to the couple, they had irreconcilable differences, thus prompting for a divorce.