The Memorable Life of James Franco’s Father, Douglas Eugene Franco

James Franco is a famed American actor who has caught public attention because of his career. Born on April 19, 1978, the actor has built a legacy over the years, making him one of the best actors in history.

In 2011, James came into the limelight after his mother confirmed the death of his father. The actor went into a period of mourning, considering the strong bond he shared with his father. So, who was James Franco’s father? Find all the details in the sections below.

Who is Douglas Eugene Franco?

The Memorable Life of James Franco’s Father, Douglas Eugene Franco

Douglas Eugene Franco was a businessman who was of Portuguese and Swedish ancestry. Franco became famous for running a Silicon Valley business, but his son’s career put him in the limelight even more.

While Douglas’s early life remains a mystery, his mother Marjorie Peterson was a publisher and author who dealt with adult books.

Douglas became a businessman, which enabled him to offer his family the best life. He walked down the aisle with Betsy Franco and was blessed with three children. Douglas loved to see his sons score good grades, so they could pursue high-end professionals.

Unfortunately, Douglas’s wishes never came true, as all his sons opted for different careers. His two sons have made it as established actors, while the other is an artist. Despite the differences, Douglas was a proud father, his sons having achieved so much.

On October 03, 2011, Betsy Franco took to her Instagram to announce the sudden death of her husband. Although she did not reveal the cause of his death, she appreciated the businessman’s role in her life, her sons lives and other people he impacted.

Who is James Franco?

James Franco is a celebrated actor and the son of Douglas Eugene Franco. James was born on April 19, 1978, in Palo Alto, California where he grew up. While his mother worked as a children’s book author and actress, his father was a businessman.

James was encouraged to take education seriously while growing up. In high school, he was part of a gang that stole designer fragrances from a store. Facing a possible juvenile jail, he changed on time and perfected his grades as his father encouraged him.

James wanted to be an actor, although he feared pursuing it for fear of being rejected by his family. He enrolled at the University of California to pursue a major in English but dropped out after a short time.

His parents were against his decision to drop out, but he did it anyway. After dropping out, he began taking acting lessons. At the same time, he did a part-time job at McDonalds to support himself, as his parents were not.

After training for over a year, he began auditioning for roles. His first paid role was a commercial for Pizza Hut. He did other guest roles, until 1999 when he got a leading role. Since then he has held numerous roles, enabling him to earn a handsome net worth.