Who is Alexis Bledel’s Mother, Nanette Bledel

Alexis Bledel is a celebrity actress who has made a legacy through her acting career. She began modeling as a side hustle, but soon she ventured into acting. As a result of her fame, she has attracted many concerns, especially on her parents’ whereabouts.

Nannette Bledel was a flight attendant and the mother of the actress. She has gained huge recognition for being the actress’s mother, but still, she has preferred to keep a low profile.

Nanette’s Bio

Who is Alexis Bledel’s Mother, Nanette Bledel

Nanette was born on October 6, 1949 in Mexico. While she has come into the limelight because of her daughter, her early life remains unknown. She is known to have wedded Martin Bledel, whom she shares with two children.

The details regarding her wedding remain a mystery, making it hard to tell how long their marriage has lasted. Her daughter has been in the limelight for many years, but her son Eric David Bledel has been living a private life.

Who is Alexis Bledel?

Alexis is a famed actress who has been in television and films. The actress was born on September 16, 1981, in Houston Texas, where she grew up. While she had no intention of acting, the modeling opportunity she had introduced her to the entertainment sector.

Alexis found fame in 2000 after she acted in Gilmore Girls as Rory Gilmore. Her portrayal of the series earned her many fans, and established herself as a rising Hollywood star. Since her debut role, she has had more opportunities, which have made her skilled over the years.

Alexis’s talent has earned her nominations. Her role in “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” was one of her best roles, seeing her show her diversity.

Alexis’s Education and Career

Alexis’s early education is unknown. However, after high school, she joined New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. It was during her time in school that she tried her luck in acting. She auditioned for a role in The Gilmore Girls and luckily got a spot.

Besides the role, she has acted in other films like Tuck Everlasting (2002) Sin City (2005), and Post Grad (2009) among others. For her brilliant performance in Gilmore Girls, she received awards nominations for Teen Choice, Young Artists Awards, and Satellite.

In 2016, the actress returned to the Netflix miniseries Gilmore Girls. She has continued to make progress in her career appearing as a guest actress, beside other roles.

Is Alexis Bledel Married?

Alexis is a loving mother and wife. She began dating fellow actor Vincent Kartheiser whom she starred with on Mad Men. Vincent played the role of Pete Campbell, while she had a guest role of Beth Dawes.

While they began dating in 2012, the couple announced their engagement in March 2013. They held their wedding in June 2014, in California. The wedding was attended by close family and friends who wished them a happy life.

Two years later, Alexis announced the birth of his son. He was born in 2015, although details about his exact birth date have remained undisclosed.

In other matters, Alexis is known for her open support of Obama’s re-election. She urged her fans to vote for him.